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Bartosz Zoltak - about me

Basic information:

Bartosz Zoltak, Master of Science, born 12 Jan 1979.

Graduate of Department of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland.

Author of the VMPC encryption technology, the privacy protection application VMPCrypt and the Permutu game.

Author of the scientific paper "VMPC One-Way Function and Stream Cipher" published on an international cryptography conference Fast Software Encryption (FSE 2004). My trip to the conference was sponsored by the Chancellery of the President of Poland and by the President of Wroclaw.

Author of many publications on local conferences, seminars and magazines. My full list of publications can be found here

More about the VMPC project and the publications:

In 1999 I discovered the VMPC one-way function: f(f(f(x))+1).

It is a simple transformation of permutations which is surprisingly hard to invert. Why is it interesting? There is no one-way function in the world - the one-wayness of which can be proved. Does VMPC have the chance to be the first? From all the one-way-function-candidates VMPC has by far the simplest structure. Will this simplicity help prove that the function is one-way? If it was done it would solve the great secret of mathematics, the unsolved for decades problem - is P=NP?

To find out more visit Research section

One million dollars prize for solving the P vs NP problem by Clay Mathematics Institute

Using the VMPC function I designed the VMPC Stream Cipher - a simple, efficient and secure encryption algorithm. Along I designed a key management algorithm for this cipher (KSA) and an authenticated encryption scheme (MAC). This way a the comprehensive VMPC encryption technology was created.

A detailed documentation of the technology can be found in the Technology section.

Since 2004 I have developed the privacy protection application VMPCrypt. The application employs the VMPC encryption technology.

One of other applications of the VMPC technology is securing digital press against illegal copying used by www.e-kiosk.pl. I was a consultant in the project of applying the technology there.

My other activities:

- 2002 - Finalist of a marketing Case Study for students organised by Procter & Gamble, Sierra Nevada, Spain.

- 2003 - Strategy of promoting the VMPC technology was awarded 3rd place in a contest for the best business plan organised by Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer.

- 2005 - author of security related articles for a computer magazine CHIP:

    - "Impossible to break?", issue 10/2005, pages 96-97.

    - "Signature to the dust-bin?", issue 6/2005, pages 100-101.

- 2005-2009 - Author of navigation applications for multimedia English courses "English for the lazy" published by ADL Publishing.

- 1995-1997 - Author and main programmer of a computer game "Urban" published by Marksoft company, Warsaw, Poland.

Other interests:

economy and finance, psychology

Sport passions:

- Tennis since I was 12.   Tennis photos

- Skiing - since I was 6.   A skiing video and photo

- Driving and karting.   Driving videos and photos

- Cycling

Bartosz Zoltak

Letter from the Chancellery of the President of Poland supporting my trip to the FSE conference

Presentation at the FSE conference - beginning

Presentation at the FSE conference - continues

On microphone problems I got help from Adi Shamir, co-author of the RSA algorithm (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), who sat in the first row.

Presentation during the contest in the Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer (WCTT)

I receive the third award in the WCTT contest.

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