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VMPC Encryption Technology

VMPC Encryption Technology was developed by me as a practical application of the VMPC one-way function. The core component of the technology - VMPC Stream Cipher - was published along with the VMPC one-way function at the FSE 2004 cryptography conference.

Download the "VMPC One-Way Function and Stream Cipher" paper published at the
International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
Fast Software Encryption (FSE) 2004 conference

vmpc.pdf     vmpc.dvi
FSE 2004

Download VMPC Encryption Technology Implementation:
VMPC Encryption Technology Implementation in C
VMPC Encryption Technology Implementation in Pascal/Delphi
VMPC Encryption Technology Implementation in Assembler

VMPC Encryption Technology provides algorithms
for both symmetric encryption and message authentication.
It includes the following components:

VMPC Stream Cipher
An efficient stream cipher with a dedicated key scheduling algorithm. Employs the VMPC one-way function.

VMPC-MAC Authenticated Encryption Scheme
An efficient message authentication algorithm designed exclusively for the VMPC Stream Cipher.

VMPC KSA3 Algorithm
An algorithm obtaining an additional layer of security from the Key Scheduling Algorithm. Data encrypted using this algorithm remain secure even if the underlying cipher is broken.

For more details on some of the analysis of the underlying algorithms, see:
Research on the VMPC Algorithms

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