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Release of VMPCrypt 5 data encryption application!

Now VMPCrypt is completely free (freeware)!

With VMPCrypt you can encrypt your files, emails, securely store any text information (like logins and passwords, private contacts, etc.) in a single encrypted database, and generate secure passwords from random mouse moves. VMPCrypt works under Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

You can register your copy of the application for any amount of money if you would like to support my work I put into creating VMPCrypt and the VMPC Encryption Technology applied in it and support my research on the VMPC one-way function (www.vmpcfunction.com) which can solve the great mathematical problem "is P=NP?". The VMPC function which I discovered and published on the international cryptography conference FSE 2004 is the core of the VMPC Encryption Technology applied in VMPCrypt.

You choose the amount of money you are registering for. It can be as well $1 as $1000. Each registration is accepted. You can also use the free version without any compromises. The free version is a fully functional application which is technically no different from the registered one.

It is only your choice whether you prefer to use the free or the registered copy. By registering you help continue my research on the VMPC function which we have conducted since 1999. This research attempts to solve a the great mathematical problem P vs NP.

On almost every computer, private or corporate, some data is confidential.

The best method of securing them is cryptographic protection (encryption). Why? Even if encrypted data leaks it remains safe because it is completely illegible.

Our reliable solution - the VMPCrypt application - is a professional comprehensive tool providing highest level cryptographic protection. VMPCrypt has been winning customer satisfaction since 2004.

With VMPCrypt you will be able to hide confidential files, send encrypted email, carry out encrypted on-line conversations, hide private contacts and password lists, unrecoverably erase redundant files and generate safe passwords. VMPCrypt is reliable. Since its first version in 2004 we never had to release any repair-update.
Many institutional, corporate and individual clients have trusted us. Join them!

Among our clients we have government agencies, corporations listed on the stock market, smaller companies and private persons. A total of over 15.000 users. VMPCrypt is used, among others, by:

VMPCrypt is based on the VMPC one-way function discovered by Bartosz Zoltak in 1999 and the encryption technology developed from it.

Scientific papers by Bartosz Zoltak were published on an international cryptography conference FSE 2004 sponsored by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and on several conferences in Poland. The VMPCrypt application was described many times by computer magazines.

Main functions of the VMPCrypt application:

  • Highest level of cryptographic security thanks to symmetric keys up to 512 bits.
    • Let's remember not to mix up symmetric keys and RSA keys. Security level of a 512-bit symmetric key exceeds the security of a 30.000-bit RSA key! For comparison - a commonly used 1024-bit RSA key is equivalent to only a 80-bit symmetric key and a 3072-bit RSA key to a 128-bit symmetric key.
  • Encryption of files and folders:
    • Encryption in many-to-one mode - selected files and folders are stored in a single encrypted archive file comfortable to send or archive.
    • Encryption in one-to-one mode - a separate encrypted copy is created for each selected file.
    • Additional options of compression, saving original locations of files, splitting big archives into smaller files, creating self-decrypting archives (in exe files).
    • Functions of editing content of archive files and changing the password.
  • Encrypted book:
    • It is an encrypted database of text documents with flexible functions of organizing the documents in folders, copying and moving them between folders, searching in documents' titles and contents.
    • Comfortable for safe storage of any text information like passwords, contacts, chapters of a book and many more.
  • Encryption of emails, Easy encrypted on-line conversations.
  • Advanced password management:
    • Generating hard-to-break passwords from random mouse moves.
    • Function of remembering the entered password. It enables to comfortably process multiple files encrypted with the same password without entering the password each time.
    • Function of saving passwords in files. Comfortable for storing passwords e.g. on USB memory or a CD.
    • Keys are saved in the files in 3 copies, so that it is possible to read the key even after partial damage to the key file, e.g. as a result of disk damage.
    • Function of using multiple passwords for one encryption. Suitable e.g. when only a full group of people has the right to decrypt the data (each person has one password), e.g. all board members.
    • Function of joining multiple keys into one. It enables to minimize the risk of interception of all transmitted passwords or to use one constant password and an additional session password.
  • Unrecoverable wiping of files from disk with up to 99 rounds. Both the file content and the file names are wiped. As a result the tools which can recover files deleted from the Windows Recycle Bin can't even see the names of the wiped files. Files wiped this way cannot be recovered even in laboratories.
  • Selected additional functions:
    • Ability to run the application from command-line (e.g. from a .bat file)
    • System of self-control. At startup the applications analyses its structure to detect any changes caused e.g. by a virus or disk damage.
    • Ability to run without installation which allows to have the application always with you e.g. on a USB memory or a CD.
    • Comfortable system of current help displaying explanations to each function of the application after pressing right mouse button on the button we are interested in.
  • Selected additional security features:
    • The archive file and the book file are encrypted in 100% - they do not contain any unencrypted data which could reveal anything about the content.
    • Critically important headers of the archive file and the book file are encrypted and saved in the archive in two copies in case of damage to the file.
    • Operations on the archive files and the book file are resistant to system failures (e.g. power shortage). During no operation a power failure can lead to data loss. Data from before or from after the operation is always available.
    • Passwords are wiped from computer's memory after work with encrypted data is finished.
  • Each registered user client receives a free and lifetime access to out technical support and free updates of the application

FSE 2004
Publication at International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) conference FSE 2004

Konferencje Enigma
Publications at National Cryptography Applications Conference Enigma 2004, 2005, Warsaw, Poland

Award from Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer at Wroclaw University of Technology

Software Developer's Journal
Recommended Project by computer magazine Software Developer's Journal

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